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2018-01-05 03:59:25 UTC


Room temperature?




How does it work?

A DS18B20 sensor is connected to a Raspberry Pi which is reading the temperature of the room every minute.

The readings are stored in CouchDB, a NoSQL JSON data store installed on the Raspberry Pi. CouchDB is setup to replicate its data to a Cloudant database whenever it can connect to the internet. Each reading looks something like this:

   "_id": "00339bc7cacd3311af73855de6839478",
   "_rev": "1-0ef01b13ebf326d31b336389078d6953",
   "ts": 1411723490,
   "date": "2014-09-26 09:24:50 UTC",
   "temperature": 20.937,
   "sensor_id": "28-000006746cde"

This is a Node.js app that reads the data from the Cloudant database, aggregating it into daily and hourly averages for graphing purposes.

Full code here

circuit diagram